Daily Updates in Jamaa!

Hi Jammers! Todyas the new update in Animaljam! Turtle Pets, Pets Only Party! Awesome!!! Reminder: I'm going ona vacation for a week starting this Friday and leaving next Saturday! I apoligize if my posts will be late between those time periods! LIke the new updates? I could't have done it without Flashvortex.com and Blogmation.com! Check back Soon! ~Cassiusclay2

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Theres an Update Today!! Turtles are finaly here!!
Awesome!! Next theres a Pets Only Party which is sadly, for only members, poor nonmembers :(

Next theres a den contest to see who can draw the next den the best!

The other two pages are just of the den sales, costume corners, and animaljam outfitters.

Thats it for now! See ya later!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Like the New Features!!

As you can see, I added all these new features to AnimaljamFlashmob! Did you see the Fireworks exploding? The rose petals falling slowly? How about the cool banner to the side of the blog, with the butterflies? I couldn't have done this without Blogmation or Flashvortex. Click these links to go to the coolest websites witht eh coolest features! Happy Jamming!